Yard winding machine
Automatic CNC zipper winding machine
Machine Function:  

This zipper chain winding machine is to rolling the zipper long chain into a roll of package for storage.
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic CNC zipper winding machine
 Machine Model  ZY-505M
 Average Output  1200Y/H
 Power   0.40KW
 Voltage   220V
 Machine Measurement(M)  1.65*0.63*1.35
 Net Weight   140KG

1. Use digital to tell the rotary encoder to ensure measurement stability and accuracy.
2. Digital preset speed reduction program to reduce the serious wear and tear on the parts caused by rapid stop.
3. Photoelectric chain-stop device prevents the measurement error caused by inertia.
4. Variable frequency speed control motor, suitable for various types and specifications.