Zipper bottom stop machine
Automatic H-shape bottom stop pressing machine
Machine Function: 
 H shape metal particulate bottom stop, for close-end metal zipper production for jeans and handbag zipper.
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic H-shape bottom stop pressing machine(Ⅲ)
 Machine Model  ZY-704M-B
 Average Output  3600PCS/18CM/H
 Power   1.10KW
 Voltage   220V
 Machine Measurement(M)  1.37*0.60*1.85
 Net Weight   190KG

1. Unique patent structure layout, simple operation and lower failure;
2. The loss of accessories is very small, and the electronic motor controls the lower stop position more accurately;
3. Computer-type multi-function touch screen control, more flexible and convenient.

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