Zipper film tape machine
Automatic nylon zipper sealing,ultrasonic hole punching, pin-box pressing 3-in-1 machine
Film sealing, hole punchine and pin-box pressing 3-in-1 machine for open-end nylon zipper
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic nylon zipper sealing,ultrasonic hole punching,pin and box ressing 3-in-1 machine
 Machine Model  ZY-801N
 Average Output  1000PCS/60CM/H
 Power  4.40KW
 Voltage  380V
 Machine Measurement(M)  2.38*0.70*1.88
 Net Weight   670KG


1. Different model for metal zipper and nylon zipper. Tape sealing, hole punching, pin-box fixing 3-in-1 machine;
2. Help to reduce labor cost and waste of material in the shifting procedures.
3. Brand new CNC control, sophisticated and stable ultrasonic structure and mechanical structures allows the 
rapid growth of output. 

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