Zipper gapping machine
Automatic nylon zipper CNC gapping & stripping machine
Gapping and teeth stripping machine for nylon zipper, clean gapping, no damaged teeth left over.
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Full-automatic Nylon Zipper CNC Gapping & Stripping Machine
 Machine Model  ZY-102N-G
 Average Output  3000PCS/60CM/H;  3800PCS/18CM/H
 Power   0.90KW
 Voltage   380V
 Machine Measurement (M)  1.23*0.50*1.70
 Net Weight   230KG

1. Innovative mechanical drive plus electronic control integrated mode to improve the quality of production products;
2. The mold adopts electronic control to automatically adjust the double needle positioning mode to ensure the accuracy of the teeth.
3. The precision mold structure can completely clear the fixed tooth; it eliminates the manual tooth cleaning process;
4. Unique electronic motor front and rear synchronous driving mode, suitable for various length zippers;
5. Multi-function electronic touch screen Chinese display control mode, easy to operate and easy to understand.

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