Zipper gapping machine
Auto Plastic Zipper CNC Gapping Machine
Machine Function: 
Machine remove the zipper teeth, left a space for next step of plastic open end or close end zipper.
CNC type, no fault teeth left after gapping.

Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic plastic zipper CNC gapping&stripping machine
 Machine Model  ZY-101R-C
 Average Output  3000pcs/60cm/H、3800pcs/18cm/H
 Power   1.16KW
 Voltage   380V
 Machine Measurement (M)  1.13*0.55*1.85
 Net Weight    280KG

1. The machine can make high end zipper with teeth of different colors.
2. Easy to use and control.
3. Small size but precise structure and lower noise.

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