Zipper pin and box machine
Automatic metal zipper pin and box pressing machine
Machine Function : 
With computer display, this pin and box is fix to zipper for metal zipper, or nylon zipper. Pin and box in one machine. 
Size range :3#-15# 

Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic metal zipper pin and box pressing machine (Ⅱ)
 Machine Model  ZY-706M-B
 Average Output  1200PCS/60CM/H
 Power   0.80KW
 Voltage   220V
 Machine Measurement(M)  1.20*0.60*1.85
 Net Weight   220KG


1.With a reasonable improvement program, the machine can better satisfy production requirements of zippers.
2.The process of pressing before punching can help reduce deformation of products and allow smooth insertion.
3.Improved movable pins are used to prolong the service life of accessories.
4.The physical properties of the machine are enhanced to ensure stable quality of products.
5.Controlled by computerized touch screen, the machine is more flexible and convenient to operate.

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