Zipper punching machine
Automatic metal zipper ultrasonic hole punching machine
Machine Function: 
This machine is ultrasonic type and suitable for the open end zipper machine, after film sealing, make hole in the film tape. Prepare for position for pin and box.  
Also call T cutting。
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic metal zipper ultrasonic hold punching machine
 Machine Model  ZY-301M-B
 Average Output   1500PCS/60CM/H
 Power   1.65KW
 Voltage   220V
 Machine Measurement(M)  1.30*0.60*1.85
 Net Weight   164KG

1. Multi-directional electronic motor control, more precise action and position;
2. Sound wave type cutting technology, the cloth edge is neat and sturdy;
3. Solid-sealed effect anti-heavy sand washing, anti-degumming, anti-loose;
4. It is more smooth with the automatic block latching machine.

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