Zipper teeth making machine
Single-sided Metal Zipper Y Teeth Making Machine

Machine Function: 
This Y type teeth making machine is suitable for Y shape metal zipper producing with Y shape brass wire.  

Product Details:
 Machine Name  Single-sided Metal Zipper Y Teeth Making Machine 
 Machine Model  ZY-501M-H
 Average Output  200Y/ H
 Power   1.6KW
 Voltage   380V
 Machine Measurement(M)  0.75*0.87*1.90
 Net Weight   690KG

1. Working efficiently, suitable for teeth assembling with or without gap on the tape. 
2. The whole machine applies precise CNC operation method which avoids various weaknesses of traditional teeth 
    making machine.More shinning zipper effect.
3. Machine can be made for zipper size:3# 4# 5# 7# 8# 10#

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