Zipper ironing machine
Auto Metal zipper Ironing and Lacquering Machine
Machine Function: 
Afer metal zipper polished, use the oil application on metal zipper surface to ensure metal zipper get rusty and more neat and stright function.  

Product Details: 
 Machine Name  Fully Automtaic Metal Ironing & Lacquering Machine 
 Machine Model  ZY-503M-E
 Average Output  875Y/ H
 Power  22.5KW
 Voltage   380V
 Machine Measurement(M)  3.6*1.16*1.93
 Net Weight   1150KG

1,Zipper ironing and lacquering machine 2 in 1 machine, easy operate. 
2, Waxing oil effect is precious effection.
3, Several units of frequency contorl device are used for ironing, ironing speed adjustable.