Zipper polishing machine
Fully Automatic Metal Zipper Polishing Machine 12 Rollers
Machine Function: 
12 round metal polishing machine is used in metal zipper surface treatment, remove the thorns on zipper surface by polishing.
Ensure the metal zipper more smooth and no scratched and more safe to use.
Product Details: 
 Machine Name  Auto Metal Zipper Polishing Machine(12 rollers)
 Machine Model   ZY-502M-J
 Average Output  1600Y/ H
 Power   5.30KW
 Voltage   380V
 Machine Measurement(M)  2.96*0.45*1.95
 Net Weight   600KG

1. It can polish the surface of zippers both ways at the same time with 12 rounds swinging vertically and horizontally.
2. Flexibly changing the zipper surface area with polishing wheels.
3. Strong waste-absorbing system avoids dirt accumulation.
4. Suitable for common skipping stitch zippers.